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Comprehensive support of adolescents

01.01.2020- 31.12.2022 (extended with no additional budget until 30.06.2023)
EU Commission
Target Group
Vulnerable adolescents

Comprehensive support to SRHR and social wellbeing
of vulnerable adolescents

The lead applicant Public Health and Social Development Foundation “FOCUS-MEDIA” and its partners – Dance4Life and AFEW apply their experience to strengthen capacity of the 9 regional CSOs in working with their target groups by providing access to effective Youth Empowerment and Job Placement programs and building their research/ data collection, communication, lobbing and fundraising skills through the Community Based Participation Research (CBPR) program.

The main object is:
To strengthen the organisational, methodological and advocacy capacity of 9 NGOs to provide comprehensive support to SRHR and social well-being of vulnerable adolescents in Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don regions of Russia.

The Project integrates human rights and children’s issues throughout the project by ensuring all final beneficiaries get empowered by going through the Journey4Life to create awareness around HIV, but also by directly targeting vulnerable groups living with and/or at risk for HIV such as young drug users – clients of the rehabilitation centers; orphans and vocational school students. 

Project contributes to decreasing the number of new HIV cases among youth and reducing stigma while also addressing the needs of young people already living with HIV. The integral and important part of the Journey4Life is proven to develop gender equal attitudes in the participants. Implementing these two programs at large scale in three Russian regions will thereby contribute to SDGs 3, 5 and 8 and the EU Gender Action Plan (GAP II).

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