Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia
22.03.2022 – 22.03.2023
Target Group
Women/Girls living with HIV, General population

Combating stigma to end HIV/AIDS in EECA

Main program objectives are to

  • reduce self-stigma of women living withHIV and women from key populations,
  • to change societal attitudes towards them as to reduce social stigma. Whereas the ultimate goal of ending HIV-related (self-)stigma is beyond the program’s timeframe achieving concrete results for women living with or being most at risk of HIVin selected EECA countries is feasible in terms of enhanced self-esteem andgiving voice to them in broader society.

Indirectly, the project will also contribute to achieving the intermediary goal of strengthening community-led organizations capable of both reaching out to women in order toconcretely improve their health and wellbeing, and advocating/campaigningfor rights and access to health services for women most affected by HIV.

Outcomes of the project:

– To improve the health, well-being and social status of women most affected by HIV themselves: increased self-esteem, raised awareness on their situation and ways out, and concrete perspectives for action towards improving their health and strengthening their position in society.
– To change attitudes in EECA societies on women most affected by HIV as to reduce stigma and remove barriers to appropriate health care: enabling communities and their organisations to influence public opinion, address key health care stakeholders and seek their cooperation.