On 7 December 2022, at the Nutshuis in The Hague, our partner Netherlands Helsinki Committee will hold an evening of reflection to debate on the topic of “The Future of Human Rights in Times of War in Europe” with a key-note address by Oleksandra Drik from the Nobel Peace Prize winning Centre for Civil Liberties in Ukraine.

Oleksandra will be joined on stage by Dutch Human Rights Ambassador Bahia Tahzib-Lie, Yvonne Donders, Professor of International Human Rights  at the University of Amsterdam, Commissioner at the Netherlands Human Rights Institute & member of the UN Human Rights Committee, Małgorzata Szuleka, Secretary of the Management Board and Head of Advocacy at the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland, and other Dutch & international speakers. The event will be moderated by Leila Prnjavorac.

During the #HumanRightsWeek, organizers will create a space for further reflection on the future of human rights work in the wider Europe region. How is the new reality influencing the work of human rights organisations? What are the new topics on the horizon? How can we adapt and grow stronger in a time of shrinking civic space? All these questions will be discussed.


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