On November 16th, in Amsterdam, Michał Pawlęga, Grants and Advocacy Advisor at AFEW International and Vera Varyga, a board member of Positive Women (Ukraine) joined a meeting at Hiv Vereniging to discuss the joint activities supporting Ukrainian refuges with HIV living in the Netherlands.

Nowadays AFEW International is working on providing support to Ukrainians in the Netherlands, who fled the country due to the war, with regards to both their immediate urgent needs such as access to HIV treatment, psychosocial support, and humanitarian aid, and their long-term needs such as improving their quality of life by establishing sustainable access to healthcare.

Hiv Vereniging is one of the leading Dutch community-based organisations committed to work towards unconditional equal rights for people with HIV.

– Reina Foppen, Chair of HIV Vereniging
– Vera Varyga
– Michal Pawlega
– Ronald Brands, Social & egal affairs advisor
– Bertus Tempert, Project leader communication & community

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