AFEW International constantly participates in advocacy efforts on HIV/AIDS, SRHR and key populations.

Our advocacy efforts are aimed at the Dutch government and policymakers, the European Commission and European Union. Furthermore, AFEW International participates in the Health in Prison Project of WHO and in the board of the European Forum for Primary Care.

Our advocacy efforts in 2020.


As a member of the Steering Group and a Partner organisation of the multi-stakeholder HIV Outcomes initiative AFEW International has contributed to the initiative’s progress made in 2020 in advancing towards the target of ending HIV by 2030, which included: 25

Contributing to the survey prepared by UNAIDS in view of the New Global AIDS Strategy beyond 2021, with the aim to identify what is needed to end AIDS as a public health threat by 2030. ‘HIV Outcomes’ flagged the need to prioritise the quality of life of all people living with HIV and highlighted the importance of going beyond viral suppression.
Partnering with UNAIDS to host a Focus Group Discussion on October 6, 2020 with key stakeholders to discuss what priorities should be included in the new Strategy. The need to formalise a commitment to look beyond viral suppression and biomedical interventions was emphasised throughout the Focus Group Discussion and participants aligned on the need to extend the scope of the new Global Strategy to matters relating to the broader quality of life and health outcomes of people living with HIV.


The CSFD is the expert group of the European Commission on drug issues, that was created in 2007, based on the Commission Green paper on the role of civil society in drugs policy in the EU. The role of AFEW International within the project in 2020-2021 is to contribute to the following activities:

  • Development of quality standards for meaningful civil society involvement into drug policy formulation on the national level.
  • Development of national civil society networking structures to improve the linkage between European and national civil society organisations (CSOs).
  • Strengthening of advocacy capacities among national CSOs through the organisation of an advocacy training event.