To effectively prevent HIV infection and help people with HIV, the state needs to collaborate with civil society. NGOs monitor state procurement of HIV medicines, promote the introduction of new technologies and services, such as web outreach, and carry out prevention activities in groups most vulnerable to HIV.
Over the years, dozens of NGOs in Russia’s regions have accumulated experience with successful methods and programmes to support people with HIV and counter the spread of the infection. However, until now, there has not been a resource that could collect in one place best practices and recommendations from leading actors in the fight against the HIV epidemic.

To address this problem, the Humanitarian Action Foundation launched the HIVhub platform.

The site has several sections: Research, Info-campaigns, Fundraising, Reference, EECA. They contain examples of research, information campaigns, and fundraising tools that have been conducted, developed, and used by Russian NGOs working in the field of HIV over the past few years. In addition, over time, the resource will be supplemented with practices from other countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA).

The portal contains information that was found in open access. This is only a small part of the data that our colleagues and partners have. Therefore, please send examples of your campaigns, collections and research to, indicating “For”.

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