ViiV Healthcare is launching the HIV Prevention Fund

To support communities impacted and affected by HIV, and those who are leading in the field of HIV prevention, ViiV Healthcare is launching the HIV Prevention Fund to support community-led and community-driven national and regional efforts to end AIDS by 2030.

The organization strongly believes that engaging local communities is critical to addressing the drivers of health inequalities, and therefore strive to promote community responses that change beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours to improve health and rights at the community level.

Effective prevention strategies, including harm reduction, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), are critical in closing the gap in collective efforts to advance the HIV response. In many countries, the epidemic continues to be concentrated among specific populations who have disproportionately low access to community-led HIV prevention programming. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to interruptions to HIV prevention and testing as well as HIV care and treatment services.

The HIV Prevention Fund aims to encourage prioritisation of, and investment in, HIV prevention. ViiV Healthcare is seeking applications from non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, and patient advocacy groups, to support your advocacy efforts in ensuring HIV prevention is sufficiently prioritised in national policy/public health programmes to effectively reduce the incidence of HIV.

Applications for the Fund, which could provide grants of up to £70,000 per annum for up to two years, should address at least one of the organization’s priority funding areas and associated themes, which include:

  • Civil society driven national advocacy
  • National coordination of joint advocacy
  • Regional advocacy
  • Capacity strengthening

For more information on the application and eligibility criteria please see the ViiV Healthcare’s HIV Prevention Fund Frequently Asked Questions.

The application process runs till 09 September 2021. Successful applicants will be announced by 01 December 2021. Funding will be dependent on the completion of relevant due diligence and verification processes.

How to apply

Applicants are required to complete an application form and submit the completed form to Applications must be in English to be considered. Proposals will be reviewed by the internal ViiV Healthcare Government Affairs and Global Public Health Grants and Donations Committee.

ViiV Healthcare is focused on making HIV a smaller part of people’s lives and we are proud to continue living our mission of leaving no person with HIV behind. Through the HIV Prevention Fund, the organization looks forward to further collaborating with the HIV community to take  one step closer to making this a reality.

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