Protecting Citizens’ Health, Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

On December 12, our partner, AFEW Kazakhstan, received a state award in the nomination “Protecting Citizens’ Health, Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle” in Kazakhstan.
This award is a recognition of more than 15 years of successful work of the organization for the benefit of the people of Kazakhstan. AFEW Kazakhstan’s mission is to create conditions under which every resident of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regardless of gender, age, sexual, religious or other preferences, would have unhindered access to quality services for the prevention and treatment of HIV infection and other socially significant diseases.
AFEW Kazakhstan is based on:
• Reducing the impact of HIV and other socially significant diseases in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
• Supporting public health in countering socially significant infections.
• Collaboration with governmental and nongovernmental partner organizations, with the participation and for the benefit of people living with HIV and communities affected by the epidemic.
• Implementation of programs aimed at preventing the spread of HIV and other socially significant infections.
• Providing universal access to treatment, care and support, as well as drawing attention to pressing issues in order to alleviate the burden of the HIV epidemic in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
• Protecting the rights of the most vulnerable groups, including women and children.
Congratulations, AFEW Kazakhstan!
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