HIV Outcomes advocacy toolbox

Despite the historic breakthroughs in treatment and prevention, the Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) of people living with HIV is not comparable to that of the rest of the population. But what do we mean by HRQoL? Why does it matter and how do we measure it?

HIV Outcomes, a partner of AFEW International, has gathered scientific evidence and concrete examples of what ‘good HRQoL’ means for people living with HIV, how healthcare systems deal with it and what are the factors impacting upon it.  Here is the final version of the HIV Outcomes advocacy toolbox. The toolbox consists of four factsheets with accessible information to educate policymakers and relevant stakeholders at the EU and national-level on the following themes:

  1. Health-related quality of life.
  2. Stigma.
  3. Discrimination.
  4. Comorbidities.


The main purpose of the toolbox is to:

  • increase awareness on the main barriers to full health-related quality of life of people living with HIV;
  • support the HIV Outcomes’ advocacy efforts with scientific evidence and concrete examples.


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