20 years of East-West collaboration: building bridges to the future

This year, AFEW, a partnership of civil society organisations based in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, The Netherlands and Ukraine, celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Since 2001 we are building bridges between East and West, we promote health and increase the access of key populations to prevention, treatment and care for major public health concerns such as HIV, TB, viral hepatitis, and sexual and reproductive health in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

On 3 December, AFEW International, the Amsterdam-based partner, invites you to join an online talk with experts about its work for marginalized groups in Eastern Europe and Central Asia – groups that lack access to health services because of persistent stigma and discrimination.

Participants of the panel discussion:

Bob Deen, Senior Research Fellow/ Coordinator Russia and Eastern Europe Centre at Clingendael

There are many issues at stake in the EECA region; the political unrest, armed and frozen conflicts, a civil society that desires change. These issues influence access to health services and therefore the health of citizens. Current situation could be a tipping point. What diplomatic opportunities do the EU and the Netherlands have to support local governments and civil society in the EECA region to contribute to a healthy future?  

Sasha Volgina, Programme manager at GNP+ 

Civil Society Organisations in the EECA region have become strong and vocal to advocate for human rights and freedoms. Local authorities do not fully recognize the vital role of CSOs in society, especially in their role for the marginalized and discriminated groups. Support to EECA based CBOs and NGOs is very limited to none. What can we do to enhance a favorable, financial environment for CSOs? What are the benefits of a collaboration between East and West?

André Carstens, Ambassador to the Kingdom of Netherlands in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

HIV, Tuberculosis and COVID-19 are health threats in the world, these diseases demand a high toll in the EECA region. How can the EECA region and Western Europe collaborate to overcome the disease related burdens for individuals, health care and economic systems? What can the West learn from the East and vice versa?

Please, watch the event online on 3 December on Youtube at 11.30 (CET)!

The meeting will be held in English and translated into Russian.


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