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Contest Seeks Innovation in Hepatitis Testing

Has your group found a new way to promote Hepatitis B or C testing, reaching completely new populations in new places, or using new methods? If so, Social Entrepreneurship for Sexual Health (SESH Global) in collaboration with the WHO Global Hepatitis Programme is organizing an innovation contest on hepatitis B and C testing.

The purpose of this contest is to identify innovative examples of delivering hepatitis B and C testing that will be highlighted within the 2016 WHO Hepatitis Testing Guidelines.

The innovation could be delivery to a new population, in a new setting (eg. prisons), or a new messaging approach to encourage testing uptake (eg. social media). The goal is to identify interventions aimed to increase testing, providing real-world examples to be used alongside the WHO Hepatitis Testing guidelines.

Your submission, in the form of a 300-500 words description of your innovation and its impact, must be submitted by March 1, 2016. Submissions in English are encouraged, however we will accept entries in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. Send your creative contribution!


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