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Community-Led Monitoring: Unlocking Healthcare Access

On November 5, Michal Pawlega, Senior Advocacy and Grants Advisor at AFEW International participated in Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) Training which was organized by AIDS Action Europe in Berlin.

Community-Led Monitoring (CLM) plays a vital role in enhancing responses to HIV/AIDS and addressing health disparities. It empowers communities to actively monitor healthcare services, advocate for their rights, and ensure that their unique requirements are met.  We firmly believe that CLM will empower vulnerable communities to amplify their voices in making accessible healthcare.

The workshop in Berlin was organized in response to research conducted by AIDS Action Europe, revealing that organizations from Central and Western Europe have not been as deeply involved in community-led monitoring compared to their counterparts in other regions. The event provided invaluable insights into the significance of CLM, its potential applications in community involvement, tools for shadow reporting, and advocacy resources.

By incorporating CLM alongside our existing approaches such as Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR), we are taking significant steps toward bridging the healthcare accessibility gap for underserved populations in the EECA region.

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