In September one of the winners of the 2023 COVID-19 Social Media Awards came to the AFEW International office in Amsterdam to receive her award! Yelena Bilokon, Director of the Revanche Foundation (Kazakhstan), won in the category “Care and Support”. We congratulate Elena and wish you a lot of success in her work!

“I am happy to win in the category “Care and Support”. Covid showed how vulnerable we are and it is so important to care and support each other, even if it is online. Social media play an important role in our lives nowadays and they should bring only clear relevant information which helps people” – Yelena Bilokon.

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On June 14th, nominees and winners of the 2023 COVID-19 Social Media Awards were announced.

The COVID-19 Influencers Social Media Awards shined a spotlight on an invaluable array of social media users – all influencers in their own context – recognizing the incredible contributions they made, and continue to make, to the collective understanding of the pandemic and responses around the world.

AFEW International was a co-host of the awards in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

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