1 December, Warsaw, Poland

Yuliya van Polanen, Executive director of AFEW International, at XXIX Conference “A person living with HIV in the family and society”. 

One of new objectives in the AFEW International’s strategy is agile targeted support for displaced populations in the Netherlands, Ukraine and across Europe, bringing visibility to these groups on the European level.

AFEW is  here today, in Warsaw, to get to know how polish NGOs, governmental institutions and CBOs are dealing with displaced populations, and  exchange our practise and lesson learnt from the Netherlands, and to find new partners for further cooperation.

There is a huge demand for support for Ukrainians now and in a future. Your expertise as the organisations working in the country neighbouring with Ukraine and supporting Ukrainian refugees is incredible. I think we can do even more together”. 

For reference. 

In December 1, in Warsaw, Poland, AFEW International hosted a panel session “Various faces of support. Poland-Ukraine session”, which was held in the framework of XXIX Conference “A person living with HIV in the family and society”.  The session was designated to summarize the already implemented activities supporting Ukrainians living with HIV during the ongoing Russian aggression and share the lessons learned. The presenters reflected on still unmet needs and discussed the future actions to be implemented in partnership with Polish and International NGOs for Ukrainians who fled the country and those residing there. Elena Voskresenskaya, director of AFEW-Ukraine, and Vira Varyga, Positive Women Ukraine, also joined the session online.

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