Tuberculosis is still a pandemic!

Every year, on 24 March, the Stop TB Partnership and its partners unite to raise public awareness of the devastating health, social, and economic impacts of TB and call for an end to this epidemic.

TB is still a pandemic!

  • Tuberculosis (TB) is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. Around the world, TB kills close to 4,000 people every day, among them 700 children. That means that 3 people die from TB every minute.
  • TB is responsible for 1 in 3 AIDS related deaths.

The good news is that TB is both preventable and curable, and countries have committed to end TB by 2030

The bad news is that COVID-19 turned back the clock on the TB response by up to 8 years.

World TB Day on March 24 is a chance for us to urge global leaders to make up for lost time, meet the UN TB commitments by 2022, and finally end TB by 2030.

Take action and join the campaign today!

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