Film Release of Crackdown on Civil Society

“Crackdown on Civil Society – a film by Rights Reporter Foundation supported by AFEW International – is about civil society organisations who are being increasingly targeted by repressive governments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The movie presents a story of oppression, resistance and survival seen through the eyes of human rights defenders. They dedicated their lives to support the human rights of some of the most stigmatized and criminalised groups in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to be able to access health services.

This film is inspired by AFEW International’s assessment “We Fight. We Hide or We Unite: coping strategies amongst resilient harm reduction organisations and community networks in the context of shrinking space for civil society in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. It was carried out in the framework of the “Bridging the Gaps: health and rights of key populations” programme.

Cover of the Bridging the Gaps II Report: We Fight, We Hide or We Unite (2017)

Find the link to the film on the Crackdown on Civil Society and full report “We Fight, We Hide or We Unite”.

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