Attention, Uzbekistan! Submit Applications for COVID-19 Challenge 2020

On the 7th of April an online competition of innovative tools and solutions for mitigating the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, was launched. In the framework of this competition innovators from all over Uzbekistan can collaborate and create innovations, combining knowledge, technology, entrepreneurial skills to help those who were affected in one way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This competition is aimed at helping the most vulnerable people, and not at finding and implementing projects trying to solve clinical / scientific problems.


  • Health: Ideas and technologies in the field of healthcare (promotion of behavioral initiatives to prevent the spread of the disease / improve hygiene, providing support to medical workers at the forefront, telemedicine, contact tracking / isolation strategies, development of treatment and diagnosis methods, alternative methods of manufacturing the necessary medical devices).
  • Vulnerable groups: Ideas and solutions should be aimed at solving the problems of a group of people most affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 due to the presence of various medical, economic and social characteristics, for example, due to health problems or social difficulties, the application of measures of social adaptation and protect people who have lost their jobs / sources of income, especially among women.
  • Entrepreneurship and Employment: Project proposals for resolving issues of promoting and supporting local enterprises, protecting them from bankruptcy, searching for new effective cooperation measures, new markets and transferring part of their business and services to the “online” / Internet mode, changing or adapting business models, saving jobs, especially for women.
  • Community: Ideas to strengthen communication with friends, family, and neighbors to overcome the problems of social isolation and distance; solutions to support remote work or job search; online and offline tools to bring those in need with those who can help; assistance to people who do not have Internet access; the provision of psychological, legal services, child care services online; digitization of public services for local governments.
  • Education: Projects involving the development and implementation of alternative platforms and tools for students, teachers and entire school systems; digitization of education and training; expanding learning opportunities; virtual lessons, distance learning for children, students and people with disabilities, start-up entrepreneurs, start-up initiatives and the unemployed, the basics and skills of entrepreneurship, vocational training and retraining of workers and modern professions and skills (future skills), especially for women.
  • Awareness raising and behavior patterns: Awareness raising and behavioral ideas Ideas and projects aimed at raising awareness or allowing the formation of the right behavior patterns, such as how to detect fake news and verify information, are welcomed; what solutions and tools need to be created so that they remind people to wash or treat their hands with an antiseptic when entering a new building, or they warned or did not allow them to touch their faces.
  • Leisure: It is supposed to support projects that could become an alternative to traditional forms of entertainment and would help ensure the safety and health of skills and audiences, encourage physical activity, and counteract the psychological crisis through playful approaches.
  • Other: Here you can offer solutions and ideas that are not covered by previous topics. They invite innovators to offer solutions for any other topics that you think are important and should be included. So, generate your ideas and feel free to think outside the box!

Eligibility Criteria

Any person, whether it’s an inventor, an IT specialist, a student, a private sector representative, a project manager, a scientist or even a person with a rich imagination, innovative thinking, who wants to change something, can take part, individually or in a team, to show how various problems can be solved with the help of creative tools and technologies. You can create everything you can imagine. Let your creativity help society in this difficult time.

Competition Format

  • Filing Applications: The nature of the Covid-19 pandemic requires the rapid implementation of innovative solutions. Interested parties and companies are invited to register and submit the idea of the proposed technological solution by filling out an online form. Then there will be an overview of the projects. Successful teams will be invited to an online interview.
  • Selection: Innovators who have passed the interview will undergo mentoring (online moderation and brainstorming) and do preliminary defense of the project until the final selection and conclusion of the contract. At least 5 selected projects will be supported by financial contributions of up to US $ 10,000 provided by partners for testing and further implementation of the proposed technological solutions. Selected projects will also be widely represented on other platforms.
  • Implementation: Upon completion of the trial and trial period, the organizers and partners will consider the best approach for further development of solutions so that they can best help people during an emergency. The organizers will work with the Special Republican Commission to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 to ensure that the most effective solutions can receive further funding and implementation to achieve the maximum possible effect during the current crisis.

Selection Criteria

  • Feasibility decision: How relevant is the use of a prototype for a real problem? Does it really work? How complete is the product? Can a prototype scale as a real solution with multiple users?
  • Degree of innovation: The degree of innovation and creativity of the solution and the proposed approach. Are there already solutions or are there similar solutions? What is the difference?
  • Social Value and influence: The usefulness that the decision brings to society. It also matters whether the solution is open source so that others can adapt and rely on it, members of the project team. Impact on the situation and target group.
  • Team: Founder & Team Potential

Requirements for Applications

  • Applications must contain the data of the initiator and team members, a description of the project, what problem the product solves and what direction / track it corresponds to.
  • Submissions should include at least the project and a technical prototype or simulation, where applicable, with a description of the time and resources needed to implement the project.
  • The organizers urge participants to disclose the source codes / sources of their materials in order to share and promote their innovations with a wide range of partners and the public.

For more information, visit COVID-19 Challenge.

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