Two consultancy vacancies for the ‘Young, Wild… and Free?’ project

In support of the ‘Young, Wild…and Free?’ project: prevention, treatment, care and support services for young key populations’ Aidsfonds is seeking for two consultants. 

Please read the full terms of reference including assignments descriptions via respective links and apply by April 30, 2021:

Aidsfonds is looking for consultants who:

  • Have an advanced university degree in Communications, Journalism, Social Sciences or related field; or similar experiences
  • Are fluent in English and has proven native-level writing skills;
  • Have at least five years of experience in report writing or related professional experience
  • Have an understanding of the HIV/SRHR and (young) key populations’ context across
    different countries;
  • Are available to execute all of the deliverables according to the assignment.

About ‘Young, Wild… and Free?’

‘Young, Wild… and Free?’ is a 2- year project working  in four focus countries (Kenya, South Africa, Vietnam and Russia), which commenced in 2019, finding her roots in Bridging the Gaps (2011-2020) – a partnership focusing on a world where sex workers, people who use drugs and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people can enjoy their human rights and access quality HIV prevention, treatment and care. Bridging the Gaps, very successful in addressing taboo topics, in fighting stigma and discrimination and in establishing and increasing access to services where key populations feel safe and respected, has confronted us with topics that remain sensitive, and need urgent and careful address. Meaningful involvement of, and appropriate services for young and adolescent key populations is such a topic.

‘Young, Wild… and Free?’ investigates the constraints young key population members encounter: What is there to learn from the young people that we currently reach with services, and how can we use these learnings to upscale the demand for services and service uptake? What can we learn from some of the best practices in reaching youth? How can we disseminate these practices further and increase the quality of services for young key populations?

By understanding young people’s service needs better, and by directly piloting best practices, ‘Young, Wild… and Free?’ aims to increase the demand for services among young key population members, as well as a greater service uptake and more optimal HIV and SRHR health outcomes.

CV and proposals can be sent to Anke Groot ( See full requirements via the links above.

The Advisory Board to the Emergency Support Fund for Key Populations Starts to Function

The Advisory Board to the Emergency Support Fund for Key Populations in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA) starts to function. The Fund will support Eastern European and Central Asian registered and non-registered NGOs and CBOs that represent key populations and that are surviving in difficult situations which they face due to legal barriers for key populations, stigma and discrimination, financial and social challenges and political restrictions. The activities of the Fund are implemented by AFEW International and AIDSFonds and financed by the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The Advisory Board will ensure genuine connection to the situation in the EECA and give a guidance provision on the economic, political and epidemiological developments in the countries of the region. The Board advises the operational team of the Emergency Fund on strategic development of the Emergency Support Fund. The funding decisions will be made by the operational team.

The Advisory Board consists of eight members of the EECA region (see the table below) representing expertise in the programming and advocacy for all key populations: people living with HIV, people using drugs, young people, LGBTQ and MSM, and sex-workers.

The Advisory Board will meet once a year in person. Regular conference calls will take place every three months to revise the progress, exchange updates on the situations in the countries of EECA and adjust the Emergency Grant Fund conditions if necessary, as part of the learning process.

The first meeting of the Advisory Board will take place on 26 November 2018 in Amsterdam. During this meeting, the members of the Board will profoundly review the Emergency Fund documentation and call for proposals, eligibility criteria, evaluation process and criteria, and look at the set of relevant emergency situations. They will also share the latest updates from the EECA region and agree on one-year planning for the Board.

Vladimir Mayanovsky
ECUO/Eastern Europe
and CentralAsian
 network of PLWHIV
Member of the management board
Ilya Lapin
CCM of the GF grant in Russian Federation)
PLWHIV representative with the voting power
Grigory Vergus
International Treatment
Coalition in EECA, ITPCru
Regional Coordinator
Vitaly Djuma
Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM)
Executive Director
Igor Gordon
Eurasian Harm Reduction Association EHRA
Programs team lead
Svitlana Moroz
Eurasian Women’s Network on AIDS
Head of the Board
Nurali Amanzholov
Association of legal entities Central Asian Association of People Living with HIV
Yana Panfilova
Adolescent’s network
CEO & Founder