Public Foundation «AIDS Foundation East-West in the Kyrgyz Republic» implements activities on prevention of HIV and other socially considerable diseases — Tuberculosis, Hepatitis C and sexual transmission diseases

AFEW-Kyrgyzstan’s mission is to help improve the quality of life of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic through a multisectoral approach, create conditions for maintaining health, reduce the risks of the spread of socially significant infections in society and contribute to the development of the public health system in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The goals: 

  •  Reducing the impact of HIV in The Kyrgyz Republic;
  • Supporting public health in combating socially significant infections;
  • Cooperating with government and non-governmental partner organizations with the participation and for the benefit of people living with HIV, and communities affected by HIV;
  • Implementing programs aimed at preventing the spread of HIV and other socially significant infections;
  • Ensuring universal access to treatment, care and support, as well as drawing attention to pressing issues to ease the burden of the epidemic in The Kyrgyz Republic.

AFEW Kyrgyzstan’s key competencies: 

  • Strong in supporting women living with HIV and specific KPs (such as pregnant women using drugs).
  • Youth Centre (Bishkek) to implement youth empowerment programmes.
  • Rehabilitation centre for drug users.
  • Licensed training centre to build capacity of local government & NGOs on addressing HIV.
  • Capacities for fundraising with major donors.
Officially registered HIV cases
10010 (June 2020)
New HIV cases
754 (December 2018)
Officially registered HIV/TB cases
2264 ( 2020)
Officially AIDS cases
929 (1 January 2018)
Estimated Hepatitis C cases
57 (2018), 0.95 for 100,000 people
Officially registered cases of sexually transmitted diseases
422 – syphilis, 203 – gonorrhea, 1015 – chlamydia (2018)

The address: 

14 Jal-15 (Jal Artis), Office #103
720047 Kyrgyz Republiс
Tel/Fax.: +996 312 240266, 240267