Emergency Support Fund for Key Populations

Countries: 10 countries in EECA || Duration: 2018-2021 || Donor: the Elton John AIDS Foundation and Aidsfonds

Emergency Support Fund for Key Populations in the EECA region (ESF) strives for a comprehensive response to emergencies threatening HIV service provision for key populations in the EECA region and supports activities ranging from advocacy and prevention to treatment and care in terms of HIV and co-infections.

The Emergency Support Fund aims to:

  • Decrease the annual number of new HIV infections in the EECA region;
  • Ensure access to treatment for all people living with HIV in the EECA region;
  • Offer better and more effective funding for the response to the HIV epidemics in EECA countries.

We prioritised activities that:

  • are not (easily) funded through other means;
  • that will also be used as a means for advocacy and/or publicity, addressing the causes of and striving to find more structural solutions for an emergency, and thus benefiting larger target groups;
  • that include a good sustainability plan.

Organisations from 10 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan) can receive small grants.

The maximum amount per grant is € 8.000,-. Only applications with a strong sustainability plan can be awarded the maximum amount, whereas the costs of the sustainability activities cannot exceed € 3.000,- or account for more than 37.5% of the total amount of the grant.

With these small grants AFEW International and Aidsfonds supports organisations representing key populations surviving in difficult situations, in which they face due to legal barriers, stigma and discrimination, financial challenges and political restrictions. Support is given to organisations carrying out activities that ensure access to HIV prevention, treatment and/or services for key populations, or projects protecting the human rights of key populations.

You can download the complete call here and apply online here.

An example of the form can be found here (that is only the example, not for filling in).

Please note: The Fund will be operational until December 2021; deadline for applications was 20 July 2021, they are no longer acceptable. Activities funded by ESF grant should finish no later than October 1, 2021.

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