Officially registered HIV cases Estimated HIV cases Officially registered HIV/TB cases Officially AIDS cases Estimated Hepatitis C cases Officially registered cases of sexually transmitted diseases
1,160,000 (June 2017) No Data No Data No Data No Data No Data

Today, the HIV epidemic has established a secure foothold in Russia, which has the highest growth rate in the world. The epidemiological situation in respect of HIV infection in Russia continues to get worse. The level of HIV infection remains high, the number of deaths of HIV-infected people increases, the epidemic is getting out of the vulnerable population groups and becomes more active within the general population. The number of patients who have HIV infection combined with tuberculosis is also increasing. According to the Federal Scientific and Methodological Centre for the Prevention and Control of AIDS, there are 1.16 million diagnoses of HIV infection registered in Russia.

Russia is among the 22 countries in the world with the highest prevalence of tuberculosis. The cases of tuberculosis with multiple drug resistance and tuberculosis, combined with HIV infection are growing in the country. The number of patients with chronic forms of the disease is still high. According to the plans of the World Health Organization, tuberculosis in Russia should be finally defeated by 2050. The developed strategy provides rapid diagnosis of the disease, based on the molecular genetic method.

Different statistical data indicates that there are from two to five million people living with chronic hepatitis B and C in Russia. In recent years, more than 6.5 thousand cases of primary liver cancer have been registered in the country, and most of them were caused by hepatitis C. Unlike hepatitis B, it causes chronic forms of infection in 60-80% of cases. According to the Russian statistics in recent years, every second case of hepatitis C is associated with the infusion of drugs. The remaining 50% are haemophilia patients, haemodialysis patients, surgeons, dentists, nurses, hairdressers, etc. As to the viral hepatitis A, the Ministry of Health of Russia characterizes the epidemic situation in the country as very critical.

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